The Etiquette for Exchanging Business Cards in Japan

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If you are unclear about the etiquette for exchanging business cards in Japan, you might find this blog helpful.




Mandatory Exchange on First Meeting

Though this custom differs from those in Western countries, in the Japanese business scene, businesspeople meeting for the first time must exchange their business cards at the beginning of the meeting. Furthermore, all business professionals, irrespective of their position, carry business cards.


Presenting Cards With Both Hands While Bowing

The norm when presenting business cards is to do so with both hands while bowing.


Placing Received Business Cards on The Card Holder

Instead of immediately storing received business cards in the card holder, you should place them on top of it. If you are exchanging cards with multiple people and cannot accommodate all the cards on your holder, you can place them on the table.


Storing Cards After The Meeting

Cards should not be stored away in the holder until after the meeting has concluded.




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