What is the Atmosphere of Business Meals in Japan?

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The Purpose of Business Meals

The purpose of business meals in the Japanese business scene is to better understand individuals on both a business and personal level. The goal is to secure new clients and gain introductions to potential clients.


Most Business Meals Are Dinners in the Evening and Often Involve Drinking

To get to know people better, dinner is often accompanied by drinks. The conversations not only revolve around business but also touch on personal matters like family and friends. These dinners usually last about two hours and it’s not uncommon to go to second and third venues. Therefore, it’s common that people sometimes drink too much.


The Instances of Having Lunch Are on the Rise

Compared to the past, a trend of avoiding excessive drinking is spreading throughout Japan, especially among the younger generation. Therefore, the instances of having lunch or going to cafes, which do not involve drinking, are increasing.



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