Minimum Data Required for Simplified Bookkeeping In Japan 日本での簡易な帳簿作成のために最低限必要なデータ

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“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time. “- Arnold H. Glasow
成功はシンプルだ。正しい事を、正しい方法で、正しい時間に行うだけだ。 - アーノルド・グラーソ


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Hi, my name is Taisei Koshida, and I am a certified public accountant and tax accountant.

I aim to assist non-Japanese business owners who struggle with reading or writing in Japanese. If you find the Japanese tax return system challenging, I can help you with your tax filings.

To create a simplified bookkeeping system for tax filing, the following information is required.



1. Sales 売上高

Date of payment (year, month, and day)
Names of clients
Amount in foreign currency
The exchange rate for each transaction



2.Payments (Expenses and outsourcing fees) 支払い(経費や外注費など)

Date of payment (year, month, and day)
Names of payees
Amount in foreign currency
The exchange rate for each transaction



3.Exchange Rates 為替レート

Assuming continuous application, use the TTM rate of the day or the average TTM rate of the previous month. For numerous expenses, the average TTM rate may be more convenient.



4.CSV Data CSVデータ

The above information is neccesary in CSV format for importing into my accounting system.



5. One-Month Sample 一ヶ月分をサンプルとして試す

Initially, it’s a good idea to prepare data for one month as a sample and have it reviewed by a tax accountant. This approach can help avoid unnecessary effort and save time for both parties.




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