Taxes Payable in Japan for Foreign Companies and Others Conducting Business 外国の会社などが日本でビジネスを行った場合に日本に払う税金

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How are taxes handled for foreign companies and individuals conducting business in japan?



1.Whether There Are Permanent Establishments in Japan 恒久的施設が日本にあるかどうか

Types of Permanent Establishments include:  恒久的施設には以下のような種類があります。

(1)A Fixed Place of Business (Business PE) 業を行う一定の場所(事業所PE)

This includes locations where business management takes place, branches, offices, factories, workshops, and other specific locations for conducting business. These refer to physical spaces where people work and where business activities are actually carried out, such as buildings, rooms, desks, etc.


(2)Long-Term Construction Projects (Construction PE) 長期の建設工事(建設PE)

Locations where building or installation projects, or the supervision of these, occur for more than one year.


(3)Contract-Signing Agents (Agent PE) 契約締結代理人(代理人PE)

Individuals or corporations who repeatedly sign contracts or play a major role in this process on behalf of the principal.



2.When There Are Permanent Establishments in Japan 恒久的施設が日本にある場合

If there are Permanent Establishments in Japan, the business must pay taxes on the profits earned in Japan.



3.Non-Permanent Establishments 恒久的施設にならないもの

Locations are not considered Permanent Establishments if the activities conducted there are only preparatory or auxiliary in nature. Examples include:

・Locations used solely for storage, display, or delivery of goods.

・Locations held solely for the purpose of purchasing goods or merchandise.

・Locations used solely for gathering information, such as liaison offices.

However, this only applies if the activities are preparatory or auxiliary and do not constitute the main business activities.









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