Why Are the Behaviors and Thoughts of the Japanese Unique?

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I believe the uniqueness of Japanese behavior and thought stems from its geopolitical circumstances, particularly being an island nation.


Power Consolidation

Due to Japan’s geography as an island nation, it has historically been difficult to invade. This rarity of regime change has led to a consolidation of power, not just politically but also economically.


Emphasizing Harmonious Internal Relationships

With both political and commercial power consolidated, I believe there was an emphasis on maintaining harmonious internal relationships. This likely led to the emergence of a culture that values a strong sense of community, encourages restraint in self-assertion, recognizes the importance of discerning the mood, and emphasizes the need to reach a consensus on a matter before it’s officially discussed.


Struggling with Fundamental Change

Given that Japan is a society with consolidated power and stability, generating ideas that could fundamentally overturn the societal structure becomes challenging. As a result, a tendency has emerged where they excel at making improvements within the existing framework, but struggle to innovate in ways that would radically alter established values.



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