Understanding the Cultural Differences between Tokyo and Osaka for Business Purposes

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The reason for these differences

Tokyo attracts people from all across Japan, leading to less of a sense of a shared hometown and more superficial relationships. In contrast, Osaka tends to draw people from nearby regions, creating a strong sense of local solidarity and fostering deeper relationships.


Tokyo is known for its dry and strong logical approach to business

Business in Tokyo is typically characterized by a dry and highly logical approach. As a result, pre-meeting small talk is usually brief, with the conversation primarily focusing on common topics. Moreover, if business terms do not align, it is not rare that situations conclude without further negotiation.


Osaka values relationships as well as logic in business

In business dealings in Osaka, understanding one’s character is highly valued. As such, pre-meeting small talk plays a significant role and often revolves around personal matters. During business negotiations, most buyers are tough on pricing, typically emphasizing the importance of long-term mutual benefits.



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