Which Type of Corporation Should You Establish in Japan?

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If you are unclear about the types of corporations in Japan, you might find this blog helpful.




Four Types of Corporations in Japan

When establishing a corporation in Japan, you can choose from a limited liability company, limited partnership company, general partnership company, and a stock company.


The Most Common Type is a Stock Company in Japan

The most common type is a stock company in Japan. From large to small businesses, more than nine-tenths of companies are established as stock companies. If cost is not your primary concern, I recommend a stock company.


Cheaper General Partnership Companies

Choosing this type could save you about 150,000 yen in establishment-related costs compared to a stock company. The running costs are the same as a stock company. However, this type of company is generally seen as less credible compared to a stock company. People might assume that this type of company does not have much capital.


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