Understanding the Japanese Perception of Religion When Doing Business in Japan

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Indifference to Religion

Japanese people, in general, do not hold strong interests in religion. While many households contain a Buddhist altar and many funerals are conducted in accordance with Buddhism, it’s more fit to view Buddhism as a part of traditional life culture, rather than as a discipline that regulates life.


Why Religion Hasn’t Taken Root in Japan

In many countries, religion has played a significant role in guiding societal and individual behavior. In Japan, the concept of “seken” (世間) has filled this role. “Seken” refers to a societal sense of how one might be perceived by others around them, which has disciplined society and individuals. This abstract idea of “seken” encompasses friends, acquaintances, colleagues, relatives, neighbors, and even media and social networks. It may be easier to understand when considered as a concept of external judgment.



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