Iconic Characters in Japan: Essential Information When Launching a Business in Japan

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Sazae-san (サザエさん)

“Sazae-san” is the title of a long-standing and very popular comic in Japan that has been turned into an animated series. It is broadcast during prime time every Sunday evening. The story depicts a typical Showa-era Japanese family. The main characters are the family head, Namihei, his wife Fune, their daughter Sazae-san, her husband Masuo, their child Tara-chan, Sazae-san’s brother Katsuo, and Sazae-san’s sister Wakame, along with their neighbors and friends. In Japan, the phrase “doing a Masuo-san” is often used to mean living with one’s in-laws.


The Japanese Royal Family

The current generation does not have a strong interest in the Japanese Royal Family. However, many people hold subtle respect for the Royal Family. In contrast to places like the UK, neither the media nor individuals in Japan make fun of the Royal Family.



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