Traditional Sayings for the Japanese Business Scene: Essential Information for Starting a Business in Japan

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Tana-bota (棚ボタ)

There is a saying “tana kara botamochi” (棚からボタ餅) which means it’s very fortunate to receive a botamochi that falls from a shelf. This saying is often abbreviated as “tana-bota” (棚ボタ). It is used to describe a situation where something unexpectedly lucky occurs due to external factors.


When it rains, it pours (泣きっ面に蜂)

This saying is used when a series of unfortunate events happen one after another.


Blessing in disguise (怪我の功名)

It refers to a situation where an unintentional act or mistake unexpectedly leads to a positive outcome. For example, it might be used when a wrong turn leads to a chance meeting with an acquaintance, which subsequently results in beneficial business opportunities.



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