Tips to Build Rapport with Japanese Businessmen

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If you are unclear about tips to build rapport with Japanese businessmen, you might find this blog helpful.





Going Out for Drinks

Many Japanese businessmen enjoy going out for drinks with their business partners, such as clients and suppliers. The aim is to strengthen business relationships and deepen personal bonds through casual conversations about both business and personal topics over drinks. Often, before initiating a new business deal, they prefer to go for drinks to understand the other party’s stance on business, character, and personality.


Going Out for Lunch or Coffee

If going out for drinks seems too forward, they might start by having lunch or coffee together. This approach is particularly common when the other party is of a different gender.


Going Golfing

Many businessmen in Japan enjoy golfing with their business partners. Spending half a day together on the golf course greatly enhances the relationship.


Going to Stadiums to Watch Baseball or Soccer

It is common to go to stadiums to watch baseball or soccer games.




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