Lunch in Japan: Essential Tips for Foreigners Starting Businesses in Japan

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Hi, my name is Taisei Koshida, and I am a certified public accountant and tax accountant.


I aim to assist non-Japanese business owners who need help with reading or writing in Japanese. If you find the Japanese tax return system challenging, I can help you with your tax filings.


This blog may help if you are unclear about lunch in Japan.



people having lunch



Many Young People

Many young people buy lunch at convenience stores or other places and bring lunch boxes prepared by themselves or their wives. As their salaries aren’t very high, they often cut back on lunch expenses to save money. They eat at parks, their own desks, seating areas in convenience stores, or the office break rooms.


People with Some leeway

Many individuals running their own businesses or earning high salaries often dine at restaurants. In large urban areas, there are numerous restaurants. Additionally, many major companies have cafeterias. Whether one chooses to eat with someone or alone depends on the individual and the organization.




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