Japan’s Holidays: What Entrepreneurs Should Know

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Year-end and New Year Holidays

Most office-based roles, including public offices and banks, close from Dec 28th to Jan 3rd. However, many service industries remain operational. A lot of private companies extend their break until Jan 4th.


Golden Week

This is a consecutive holiday period from the end of April to the first week of May. In 2023, it includes April 29th (Showa Day), May 3rd (Constitution Day), May 4th (Greenery Day), and May 5th (Children’s Day).


Obon Holiday (Summer Holiday)

Most private companies close during the Obon period. However, public offices and banks remain open. The holiday typically falls between August 13th to 16th, though it can vary by region. It is believed that ancestors return to this world temporarily during Obon.


Other Holidays

On average, there’s a national holiday about once a month.



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