Famous Dishes in Japan: Essential Information When Launching a Business in Japan

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If you are unclear about famous dishes in Japan, you might find this blog helpful.






Those attempting to launch a business in Japan will find it beneficial to familiarize themselves with popular Japanese dishes. This knowledge will prove useful when dining with locals or engaging in casual conversation.



Ramen is a beloved dish in Japan. Many people enjoy ramen for lunch and dinner. The dish comes in various types, from the light salt or soy-based to the rich pork-bone, and the warming miso ramen.


Hamburg Steak

Hamburg steak is a dish made from minced meat mixed with onion and egg, then baked. It is especially popular among children, but many adults also enjoy it. While most versions are served with a demi-glace sauce, it’s also popular to eat it with grated radish and soy sauce.


Curry Rice

Curry rice is popular among both children and adults in Japan. It differs from Indian curry in that it often contains more oil and has a thicker texture. It’s typically served poured over rice. The most traditional version is beef curry, but there are various other versions including pork and seafood.



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