What You Should Know When Starting Business with Osaka Locals in Japan

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The Historical Background

The Great Commercial City

Osaka, with its roots as a commercial hub, experienced such significant economic growth that it surpassed Tokyo before World War I. A culture of entrepreneurship developed, characterized by a unique spirit of self-sufficiency and independence from the government. As a result, there were cases where powerful merchants took on projects like bridge construction.


Economic Decline

The economy of Osaka has been in decline for a long time, and currently, its scale is about one third that of Tokyo. However, a strong sense of rivalry towards Tokyo still persists today.


Strong Sense of Hometown Solidarity

Since many Osaka businessmen hail from the surrounding area, they often exhibit a strong sense of hometown solidarity. Therefore, their conversations in business settings often extend into personal topics, such as family, friends, and romantic relationships.


Being Economical

They are generally economical, especially when purchasing intangible services that lack tangible assets, their thriftiness becomes more pronounced.


Passion for Hanshin Tigers

There are many fans of the Hanshin Tigers, the baseball team representing the Kansai region, and the level of enthusiasm is notably high.


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