What Kind of Support do Tax Accountants Provide When You Start a Business in Japan?

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Hi, my name is Taisei Koshida, and I am a certified public accountant as well as a tax accountant.


I aim to assist non-Japanese business owners who struggle with reading or writing in Japanese. If you find the Japanese tax return system challenging, I can help you with your tax filings.


If you are unclear about services of tax accoutants in Japan, you might find this blog helpful.




Assisting in filing tax returns

The primary services of Japanese tax accountants include preparing tax return documents and submitting them to the tax office on behalf of the taxpayer.


Support for bookkeeping

Bookkeeping forms the crucial basis for filing tax returns. Therefore, tax accountants assist in proper bookkeeping and sometimes take on the task of bookkeeping themselves as outsourcers.


Advising on Tax Savings

They provide guidance on appropriate tax savings by using special knowledge.


Supporting Bank Financing

Many of them assist with bank financings by making future plans and introducing banks to clients.


Differences Between Tax Accounting Firms

Each tax accounting firm has its unique characteristics. Some focus primarily on tax filing affairs, while others actively seek to communicate with their clients.

At our office, we offer services in English. Additionally, we specialize in assisting with challenges faced when starting a business in Japan, such as opening bank accounts and facilitating networking to expand businesses.




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