What Is the Worst-Case Scenario in Japan’s Tax Audits?

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The Tax Office Considers You As a Taxpayer Engaged in Severe Tax Evasion (Acts of Disguise and Concealment):

If you intentionally fail to record sales or include fictitious purchases and outsourcing expenses, there is a high risk of being categorized as someone who committed atrocious tax evasion.


If You Are Categorized as Such, What Will Happen?

You will be placed on the tax office’s blacklist as an atrocious taxpayer. Additionally, the frequency of tax audits will increase, and the penalty rates will rise from the usual 10% or 15% to 35%.


What Should You Do When an Officer Insists on Regarding Your Conduct as Acts of Disguise and Concealment?

Officers will often try to label your conduct as acts of disguise and concealment because it can lead to a favorable performance evaluation for them. Even if the reasons are simple mistakes, such as missed recorded sales or missing purchase documents, they may still insist on acts of disguise and concealment. In such cases, it is important to persistently assert that it is not intentional tax evasion, but rather a genuine mistake that does not qualify as acts of disguise and concealment.


The Burden of Proof in Cases of Disguise and Concealment

The responsibility for proving such acts falls on the tax authorities. Therefore, if you disagree with the tax officer’s claims, you are not obligated to file a voluntary amended tax return. Since the burden of proof is challenging, the tax officers may abandon their claims.


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