Survey on Foreign Managers in Japan: Overview of Their Arrival Details

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Regarding foreign managers in Japan, I will provide an overview based on the 2021 survey by the Japan Finance Corporation.


Timing and Age Upon Arrival in Japan

Approximately 5% started living in Japan before 1979, 20% by 1989, 40% by 1999, 30% by 2009, and 10% after 2010. As for their ages upon arrival: about 3% were under 9, 10% were under 19, 50% were under 29, 25% were under 39, and 7% were under 49.


Reasons for Coming to Japan

The main reason for coming to Japan was for studying, accounting for about 38%, followed by employment at 23%, business management at 17%, family reasons at 8%, and marriage at 8%.



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