How to Spend the Bon Festival in Japan

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If you are unclear about how to spend the Bon festival in Japan, you might find this blog helpful.






The Obon holiday is coming. Do you know how the Japanese spend their time during Obon?


Visiting the Family Grave

During Obon, most Japanese visit the family grave with their relatives. Some families, like mine, clean the grave at this time. It’s common to have a meal together afterward.


Taking Trips

Many people take trips with family during Obon, whether for a day or longer. It’s also frequent for families to stay at one of their parents’ homes for several days.


Playing with Friends

It’s common to catch up over drinks or golf with old classmates. Recently, I’ve been playing Mahjong with my middle and high school friends during Obon and at the start of the year. It’s a lot of fun.



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