How Are Tax Audits Conducted in Japan? Part 2

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How many tax officers will come during tax audits?

In the case of small businesses, usually only one officer is assigned. During the period of training of new employees, it’s common for both a veteran supervisor and the newcomer to come together.


How long does a tax audit typically last?

The actual visit to the company to conduct the survey often takes two days for smaller companies. In cases where discrepancies or errors are discovered, tax audits typically conclude after a negotiation period of about one month.


Is it true that they won’t leave until they find errors?

No, that’s not true. Sometimes tax audits conclude without any discoveries. Additionally, in cases of minor errors, it is often sufficient for the tax officer to issue a warning without requiring the refiling of tax returns.


How many accounting periods are tax audits conducted for?

Usually, tax audits are conducted for the most recent three accounting periods. However, in serious tax evasion cases, tax audits can be conducted going back up to seven accounting periods.



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