Explaining the Profession of Licensed Specialists in Japan

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The Uniqueness of Licensed Professions in Japan

There are many types of licensed professions in Japan, each tied to a specific governing authority that issues the license. Those who hold a license can interact with the government on behalf of their clients. Notably, a lawyer can operate in almost all these professional fields if they register for them.


Typical Licensed Professions


・Lawyers (The Ministry of Justice)

Similar to lawyers in other countries.


・Certified Public Accountants ( The Finacial Services Agency)

Similar to those in other countries.


・Tax Accountants (The National Tax Agency)

They are licensed to manage tax-related duties such as filing tax returns and attending tax audits. Many solo proprietors who run small businesses file tax returns by themselves. On the other hand, most of all companies hire tax accountants because the tax filing procedure is more complex than that of individuals.


・Labor and Social Security Attorney (The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

They are licensed to handle procedures related to employee labor issues. When you establish a corporation and the corporation pays you the director’s fee, you can avoid fighting many documents to apply for joining Social Security by hiring them.


・Administrative Scrivener (The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

They are licensed to handle administrative procedures, such as restaurant license applications. They also submit applications for management visas and other kinds of them on behalf of foreign people who start businesses in Japan.


・Judicial Scrivener (The Ministry of Justice)

They are licensed to manage registration procedures for properties and corporations. When establishing a corporation, most people will hire them.



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