Etiquette for Business Meetings in Japan

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If you are unclear about the etiquette for business meetings in Japan, you might find this blog helpful.




Seating Arrangement

When the meeting is held at the office, visitors, being the guests, will occupy the seats located farthest from the entrance, even when they are in the position of promoting their businesses. When meetings are held at venues outside the office, such as restaurants or cafes, the recipients of the proposals will sit in the seats farthest from the entrance.


Handshakes are Generally Not Done

In the Japanese business scene, handshakes are typically not practiced.


Exchanging Business Cards is Essential

At the beginning of the meeting, business cards are exchanged without fail.


Avoid Jumping Directly into the Main Business Topic

It is common to discuss topical news and updates about the business world a bit before delving into the main business subject after exchanging business cards.



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