Can Tax Audits Be Conducted More Easily When Changing A Tax Accountant in Japan?

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Some New Tax Accountants May Change The Way They Handle Accounts And Tax Transactions

If a tax accountant is replaced, some of them handle accounts and tax transactions differently from before. If the continuity of financial statements over several years, such as rapid increases or decreases in sales and profit or inventories, collapses, the likelihood of tax audits increases. In this sense, depending on the practices of the new tax accountant, it can be said that changing a tax accountant could lead to increased chances of tax audits.


The Tax Office Does Not Consider Changing A Tax Accountant as A Trigger for Conducting Tax Audits

On the other hand, among the considerations for selecting targets of tax audits, a change in tax accountants is not included. Therefore, merely changing a tax accountant does not increase the likelihood of undergoing tax audits.



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