Can Companies’s Directors Get a Digital Nomad Visa of Japan?

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The Japanese government created a digital nomad visa on April 1, 2024, but whether it can be applied to company directors is unclear, even though you confirm the application information.


1. The Reason Why It Is Not Clear

There is criticism in Japan that it should not accept people who will not pay taxes to Japan. Therefore, the Immigration Service Agency decided only to accept digital nomads to whom short-term stay tax exemption can be applied. This exemption has existed in tax treaties before. Then, this treaty is not applied to company directors. ISA seemed to try to avoid the criticism by making the rule obscure.


2. The Speculation from the Required Documents

The documents that applicants of a digital nomad visa will be required do not seem to include proof of company registration. This may mean the possibility of ISA’s approval to company directors.


3. What is the Result?

I am afraid I can not find the result. It will be clear if you permit the paper to get a digital nomad visa. If you’d like to try it, feel free to ask me.

My friend, who is a visa specialist and administrative scriber, questioned ISA in Osaka about this. They answered that this visa applies to directors. However, you must submit your own contract of employment even though you are a director.


Below is the information on a digital nomad visa from ISA.


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