Koshida Accounting and Tax Office

“The purpose of life is not to be happy—but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you lived at all.”
― Leo Rosten

At Koshida Accounting and Tax Office,
we are dedicated to supporting foreigners trying to start businesses in Japan.
I am Taisei Koshida, the representative of Koshida Accounting and Tax Office.

■Trigger for learning English

As the world went into lockdown due to the spread of the Coronavirus, I decided to try something new and make a change in my life. I started learning English and playing the piano, which I had been interested in for a long time. I had quit smoking and drinking, but now have since returned to these habits. However, I continue to enjoy learning English and playing the piano every day.

■The desire to use English practically

Then, as I was learning English, a desire to use it practically started to emerge. I realized that my field of certified public accounting and tax accounting, in which I have over ten years of experience, was the perfect fit for this desire.

■Supporting foreigners starting businesses in Japan

While the Coronavirus seems to be nearing its end, the world is still in turmoil. During this situation, through providing support to those who love Japan and wish to start businesses here, encountering various cultures and values, receiving stimulation and deep thinking, I aim to connect with the world broadly rather than isolating myself.

■Characteristics of our firm

Our representative, Taisei Koshida, is broad-minded, doesn't sweat the small stuff, and communicates his true intentions with clients. This makes him an excellent fit for those who prefer such an approach. Since he began his career in 2000, he has accumulated substantial experience. Furthermore, he is skilled in resisting tax audits due to his experience conducting account audits as a position to conduct investigations while working for an auditing firm. Moreover, our firm employs an IT specialist, so we can provide secure and efficient accounting and tax support utilizing the latest information technology.

■Service Prices

1.Preparation of individual tax returns for self-employed individuals: from fifty thousand yen per year.

2.Tax consultation for self-employed individuals: from nine thousand yen per month.

3.Tax consultation for corporations: from eleven thousand yen per month.

The service of preparing individual tax returns for self-employed individuals (1) assumes that clients will prepare their own bookkeeping records. Our tax consultation service for self-employed individuals (2) includes providing a system for bookkeeping. Additionally, our firm prepares proper books and tax return documents that can withstand tax audits. We also advise on appropriate tax-saving strategies. The tax consultation service for corporations (3) is identical to the service for self-employed individuals (2).

■Career and Licenses of Representative Koshida

Joined the audit company Tohmatsu in 2000. Left the company and opened his own accounting office in 2008. Holds licenses as a certified public accountant and tax accountant.

■In conclusion

I can't help but admire your courage in taking on the challenge of launching businesses in a foreign country like Japan. It would bring me great joy to support you and your business with my specialized knowledge and experience. Let's discuss various things. On a side note, regarding the piano, I can now play one song each from classical and modern music.

Consultations are free of charge. Please feel free to contact us.

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